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Tower speakers have a real competitive market out there. Now, for pretty much any budget, you can find a pair that’ll give you what you want with the right compromises. In the entry-level segment, Yamaha is hard to beat. They deliver primarily to the mid and entry-level market segment so for us Indians who are on the lookout for an under-20 grand tower; you just can’t overlook this manufacturer. Their NS-50F tower is what we got this month and from the looks of it, it sure as hell seemed well worth its under-15 grand price-tag.

Out Of The Box
We love stout floorstanding speakers and the NS-50F fits right into our romantic endeavours. Its matte black finish cabinet is neither tall enough to seem intimidating nor is it short enough to be considered a large bookshelf. What is seen is its sense of authority in its width and depth, which is on the larger side to support those bass drivers. The design is traditional enough with no curves or spikes that may have you believing it costs more than it looks. However, we were taken aback a little when we found out that this pair costs under 15 grand. Its grilles cover a little more than three fourth the way down, leaving just a little space above the Yamaha logo. What got to us just a little bit was its weight, which wasn't heavy enough to provide rigidity for such drivers. Nevertheless, they look like they will gel with most interiors, no matter how expensive the room may look otherwise.

Yamaha NS60F

Yamaha NS50F


Just as the aesthetics suggest, the technology behind these speakers isn’t breakthrough in any way but it does seem like it knows what it’s doing. The tweeter looks to be a simple 1” dome set within a concave waveguide on the front baffle. As for the rest of the frequency range, it’s handled by two 6.3” cones that are made of some sort of gloss composite material. We couldn’t find anymore information on what specifically these drivers are made from. Below the drivers is a reflex port that looks wide enough to handle the lows, which go down to about 35Hz.
We’re guessing the cabinet is also made of a composite material, which explains its light weight. Knocking on its side panel gives us the impression that it isn’t packed too tight with any anti-resonance material, although there would definitely be some at least. Specification wise, this pair can go as high as 35kHz and is as sensitive as 91dB at 6Ω. These figures seem to tally with the market segment the speakers are catering too. You need some loudness primarily because the amplification they’re most likely going to get isn’t going to be the most hi-end. It’s like a more literal version of ‘bang-for-the-buck’.

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