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12 Nov, 2013, 11:21 am IST | by Sumit Bhosle | Personal Media Viewer

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Are you one of those who always fancied for gadgets straight from epics like Star Treks and Star Wars? No more fancy; they are a reality now. Welcome to the world of a phenomenal gadget of all times – A personal media viewer in 3D. A product concept that was confined only to prototypes and unsuccessful production attempts, seems to be now picking up pace as we have one more entrant in this domain from the Japanese giant. We reviewed the Sony HMZ–T2, a personal 3D viewer.

As Sony HMZ–T2 hails from the stable of Sony, expectations were quite high in terms of looks and appearance. The HMZ-T2 lived up to all of it. Clad in a neat white gloss finish, the HMZ really looks like one of those devices straight from the future. What we like about the HMZ the most is that unlike some other iteration of personal media viewers, it doesn’t seem to be a complicated device, and is very inviting. Looking at the form factor, you will be immediately tempted to put it on, and see what it has to offer. The build quality, though, could have been better as once you start handling the device you might come across some loose ends, especially near the part that rests on your ears. Be careful with that.


The biggest advantage of personal media viewers is portability wherein the user gets the power to practically carry a screen as big as 100” to 150” in his/her pocket. The Sony HMZ is based on a completely different concept – strangely, it is not portable. The entire ensemble that comes with the Sony HMZ includes a small box that acts like a receiver for the HMZ. The catch here is that this small box needs constant electric power supply and has no provision to run on batteries, so any tiny hope of portability is completely eliminated.  The head mounted display is to be connected to the small box, which in turn receives HDMI input from your source (3D Blu-ray player). It was hard to digest this concept wherein the entire purpose of portability in a personal media viewer or an head mounted display is eliminated.  The only scope of movement that you would get is through the cable that connects the HMZ to the box and allows you mobility within a span of say two to three metres. The box incorporates an HDMI output as well, which acts as a through-put* so that you can connect the source further to your television or an AV Receiver.


Moving beyond that Sony has managed to pump in a whole lot of features that tempted us to put on the HMZ in spite of the inherent lack of portability. First, the device is capable of handling 3D video signal in full HD and also claims to offer a 24p cinema viewing experience. It incorporates dedicated, high response OLED screens for each eye so that you are able to enjoy smooth display of 2D and 3D images without the blurring caused due to image cross-talk. In terms of audio, they have packed in a virtual 5.1 surround mode that claims to engulf you in an absolutely immersive cinema experience – just like in your own home theatre setup. All said and done, we simply could not resist ourselves from putting it on and trying it first hand.

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Sony HMZ- T2 Personal Media Viewer Review , Sony HMZ-T2

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