Denon Ceol RCD-N8 & SC-N8 Mini-System Review

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Convenience is what everyone’s after these days. So be it smartphones where you have everything from your office work to your social life and music integrated all in one device or an automobile vehicle equipped with all kinds of audio systems, GPS systems, car phones etc that make the purchase of your new car a lot easier.  The same principle can be seen applied in the home audio sector too. The idea of having a CD player along with an iPod dock and Wi-fi isn't new, but at the same time having Airplay, DLNA and internet music services like Spotify and lastly FM radio built into one system is something that endorses convenience. The new Denon Ceol RCD N8 is that all-in-one mini component system.



The new generation N series mini component system from Denon is basked in an all white gloss finish.  Be it your bedroom or living room, the white finish of the Denon mini component system will definitely add charm to whichever room or decor you place it in. The curved edges of the main unit and of the bookshelf speakers add five stars to its aesthetic appeal. The grills come with a lovely silvery shade that neatly hides the drivers of the bookshelf speakers. The main unit of the Denon RCD N-8 comes with a few buttons on the front fascia which gives it a clean and uncluttered look. The top of the main unit has a lid which neatly covers the dock for an iPod, thus it helps to keep dust out of the small connectors out of the docking station.  Taking a look at the rear, it has almost every terminal that one would need to satisfy his/her audiophile needs. The Ceol comes with a digital optical input, mono-output (subwoofer), analogue input, USB, Headphone, network connector and FM tuner antenna.




Years ago, all-in-one units were quite a rage. Everybody wanted to own one as they boasted of fancy LED lights and big bass sound and the most popular in terms of P.M.P.O which always stated the power rating that could bring the roof of your two storey villa down. But despite their popularity, little effort was taken by anybody to dwelve into the technology behind these all-in-one systems. But the Denon is devoid of any fancy LEDs, fancy EQ options (where the bass would be completely boosted to make you believe you were living with an 18” subwoofer in your room), and the biggest claim of delivering horrendous power outputs (read 2000 watts P.M.P.O). Instead the SC N-8 makes a modest claim of delivering 65 watts through each bookshelf speaker which is good enough to create a wholesome experience in a mid-sized room. And, to make sure you never run out of entertainment options, the RCD N-8 gives you a host of connectivity and usability features.



The RCD N-8 comes built with DLNA, Wi-fi, Airplay, Ethernet, USB, a CD player and an Ipod Dock. With all these features integrated in this mini component system one can have so many advantages of listening to music from anywhere in your house or in the world, all thanks to a number of radio stations through the internet. Speaking of so many usability options, it made me wonder on how the rear panel would look and what to expect from it. Thankfully, once I took a look, it turned out to be a real simple and uncluttered panel. The rear panel comes with a digital optical in, FM antenna coaxial connection, two pairs of analogue in and a subwoofer pre-out so that you can connect a subwoofer to the mini system. For speaker cables, there are pair of high quality binding post to which you connect banana plugs or just the plain old bare speaker cables. And, finally to compliment the network capability of the mini system you will find an Ethernet port on the rear panel too. Coming to the bookshelf speakers, Denon has incorporated a 4.7” mid bass driver along with a one inch dome tweeter. The tweeters should have had protective grills to keep the tweeters from harms away, this definitely adds to the longevity of the mini component system.




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