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21 Dec, 2013, 11:41 am IST | by Karan Gour | Home-Theatre Speaker Package

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There are plenty of 5.1 speaker systems in the market that cater to every single budget bracket out there. Since we are concerning ourselves with the entry-level bracket this month, it’s fair to say that even though there are many here, only a few can make their presence felt. This JBL SCS 200.5 speaker setup seems to be showing a lot of potential to fall in this category, especially when you take a look at its stands.

This speaker setup is entirely made of satellites and a subwoofer, all of whom are bathed in the matte black finish that can never go wrong. The risk however, was taken in the cabinet design of these satellites because they are more triangular than they are curvy. We’ve seen several speakers in the past that have adopted the curved cabinet, which is usually a curve that goes from left to right, but this might be the first time we’ve encountered satellites that curve from top to bottom. This gives each of these little speakers more bulk although they do have a tough time standing without their stands. Speaking of which, these stands are made of almost-bendable plastic and are shaped to form an ‘I’ as their footprint. They slide into a slot in the back panel, so they hide the spring speaker terminals. The wire can be made to go through the hollow plastic stand so that it doesn’t look at all ugly. Two screws are used to keep the stand in place. The subwoofer is simple, with its tallish appearance and the standard JBL logo set upon the grey bass port on the front. All in all, I like the way things are turning out because the potential is getting that much bigger.


Each of the satellites, excluding the centre, comes with two drivers—a 0.5” titanium-laminate dome tweeter and a 3” midrange woofer. The centre just has an added midrange woofer that’s used, along with the other, to sandwich the tweeter in the center of the front baffle. The fact that these satellites can go as low as 110Hz seems not the least bit of a stretch because it’s quite attainable even when the speakers are of such a diminutive size. With the help of the titanium-laminate material, JBL claims that the accuracy of the high frequency response remains accurate even when the level is way up. Since the entire front baffle seems to be on a curve, the dispersion must be on the higher side and it should be because of them being satellite speakers.


The subwoofer is built with a 100W RMS amplifier and can go as low as 35Hz and as high as 160Hz. There’s an 8” woofer that’s bottom firing and the 3” feet help to keep it a good distance above the ground. As far as the back panel goes, you have the option of connecting three different input methods: LFE or Low Frequency Effects, L and R. You should opt for LFE if you’re going to be using it as the .1 channel in a 5.1 environment. There are also four pairs of speaker level terminals along with a simple level knob on the top of the back panel and the power switch on the bottom. That’s what you call a basic subwoofer with just the bare essentials as far as tweaking goes.

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