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Loewe is a brand associated with luxury and style. What Jaguar is to cars, Loewe is to flat panels. But owning a Loewe flat panel is not only about flamboyance, it also says that you are a discerning videophile. This is because the brand aims for perfection, in both aesthetics and performance. This issue we review their Connect ID 40 flat panel.

The Connect ID 40 grabs your attention the moment you lay eyes on it. The aluminium body of the flat panel is rich; it drools with loads of elegance and style, which is something that we all would love to own. The panel draws part of its name from its style factor; ID stands for ‘Individual design’, which means that you can custom design the panel to your liking. You can either have the panel placed on a table or sitting directly on the floor with a large aluminium base supporting it.


Loewe has not left any stone unturned when they were designing this panel. The 3D LED panel features Loewe’s image and algorithms that ensure every picture is crisp, full of life and has the right amount of black levels in it. When it comes to picture control options, the 1920x1080p panel offers you industry standard controls like contrast, brightness, colour and sharpness, along with advanced features like Image+ active, 3D settings and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR). The biggest USP of this panel is the way the on-screen menu is designed. The menu does not pop up right in the centre of the screen, but pops up quietly at the lower bottom of the screen without occupying a major portion of the screen. So, with the menu down there, it becomes easy to carry out any picture and sound settings, should you wish to. When it comes to sound, this panel has subwoofers that are fixed on the front lower half of the panel. We just hope they deliver a decent amount of depth without sounding muddy or distorted.


Once you pick up the metallic remote control of the Connect ID 40, it sends out a pulse of energy through your hands, which makes you feel the power and grandeur of owning a Rs 5,00,000 TV. The controller itself has been designed with the right amount of space between the buttons, thankfully it is not overdone. Its simplicity in layout and its uncluttered nature gives it a rich and futuristic look. 




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