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21 Oct, 2013, 2:01 pm IST | by Sumit Bhosle | HD projectors

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Sony and display solutions go hand in hand. Since a long time, Sony has been supplying end users with home display solutions in the form of televisions.  But for some of our brethren, a display solution at home means nothing less than a projector – a big kick-ass screen that stretches all across the wall of the living room. We are sure that most of you must have definitely thought why Sony doest not sell their projectors in India. We don’t know about the reasons for them not doing this till now, but we are happy to announce that this is about to change. Here, we review their latest Sony HW50ES full HD 3D projector.

When Sony makes a television, the entire world turns its head in admiration but what happens when it’s a projector?  Why, of course, there is more turning of heads and more admiration. We might sound like Sony has cast a spell on us, but the fact is that you can’t find a projector in this price range that looks as stunning and as refined as the HW50ES. The clean, elegant and non-bulky look of the HW50ES immediately gained a nod from us. Unlike some dedicated home theatre projectors, the Sony VPL HW50ES also becomes more manageable and maintainable.


The HW50ES is a full HD 3D projector, with 3D taking the front seat. Apart from 3D there are a couple of other things that Sony seems to be absolutely proud of. First is what they call Reality Creation. It is a one-button image enhancement feature that essentially accentuates the sharpness of all the images that you see on the screen making the picture clearer and cleaner.  The second feature is a creative frame interpolation (CFI) tool that Sony names MotionFlow. In this feature, like in a lot of other projectors (or all display devices for that matter), the projector analyses the frames in the picture and accordingly interpolates certain frames to make the picture smoother. Now our experience with such CFI features has not been good, if whether it is any better in the Sony projector is something we will see in the next section.


Coming back to 3D, the 240Hz panel drive and a special dynamic lamp control technology have been incorporated in the projector to ensure a smoother and brighter 3D picture as compared to any contemporary 3D projectors. And, last but not the least, the projector can also convert regular 2D images to 3D images, which again is a feature for which we don’t really have any good examples in the market. Let’s see if the Sony projector sets the ball rolling on that front as well.


We must say that this is quite a spacious remote. Around 9” in length, the remote is neatly designed with all the relevant and important hotkeys present on the remote. The backlight feature is also very handy. Over all, we had no problems with this flawless remote.

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