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19 Oct, 2013, 10:24 am IST | by Sumit Bhosle | Flat Panel Special

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Lifestyle has a number of different meanings. For some it is a way of life, for some it is the status and for some it is the standard. But techies, and we AV aficionados, have a little different take towards the word ‘lifestyle’. For us it is the way in which all our gadgets can connect to each other, the way they can talk to each other and accordingly work in a hassle free, symbiotic environment. Until a couple of years ago, these concepts were only to be seen in science fiction movies and on conceptual videos on YouTube. But the last couple of years have been rather revolutionary------it is as if we are going through a technological renaissance where the concepts of connectivity have gone through a drastic overhaul. You can now directly connect three to four different devices to each other and enjoy content from one device over the other. The best part is that you don’t have to be a networking genius for this, it is just a matter of getting basic steps right. To find out more about this rather new but very exciting world, we conjured up a complete home entertainment system with the newly launched LG 84”LM9600 3D LED TV, LG P895 smartphone and the LG HX906TX Blu-ray HTiB.



As we unboxed the plethora of LG products one by one, the star of the show turned out to be the 84” mammoth of a TV and deservingly so! How often do we get a TV screen that’s as huge as the 84”. Leave aside the design and looks, the sheer magnitude of the TV is overwhelming. It does not even need to shout for attention, it automatically gets a lot of it. The P895 is 1/100th of the size of the TV, but nonetheless is vey interesting for its unusual shape. Unlike most other phones that have an aspect ratio of 16:9, the P895 boasts of a display that incorporates an aspect ratio of 4:3. Lastly, the HX906TX is also a stunner if you fancy tall and sleek floorstanding speakers. The best part about the speakers in this HTiB is that they are so minimalist and subdued that though they might have a big physical footprint, the visual footprint is very small or should we say slim. 



Before we start with the main section in technology where we intend to discuss the connectivity options for the setup, there is something very interesting about the 84” LM9600 TV that we have parked in our studio for a week now. The latest 3D LED TV launched from LG boasts of an Ultra High Definition (UD) resolution of up to 2160p. UD is practically four times higher than the full HD that we all have been raving about for the last few years now. With four times higher resolution, it claims to give you a mind boggling four times more clarity and detail in the picture that you have always been watching. It’s a completely different issue where we in the consumer industry have to get access to enough UD content so that we can enjoy this feature on the TV, but it definitely is a step towards refinement. Presently, there are about 100 3D Blu-ray titles available. Speaking of 3D, the LG TV and the HTiB both incorporate LG’s thoroughly tested and the highly efficient FPR 3D technology, a passive 3D technology as compared to the active shutter glass technology that you will find in most of the other 3D TVs available in the market. The huge screen size of the 84” LM9600 will definitely add a lot more value to this already efficient feature on the LG TV. 




Now coming on to the main topic of interest in this review---- connectivity; there are a number of different ways in which you can connect the TV and the HTiB, the most preferred being HDMI. Between the smartphone P895 and the TV, you can make use of MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) which again is a very recent connection protocol developed by different companies to facilitate streaming of high definition content from mobile phone devices to the very easily available HD displays. This is very similar to HDMI (or you can even consider it to be a miniature HDMI cable), which lets you connect two HD devices to each other. In addition to this, there is one more common connectivity mode called SmartShare that will help you connect all the three devices with each other. SmartShare is LG’s DLNA-based sharing technology that enables you to browse and share files on your external storage devices (like smartphone) on your TV screen wirelessly. The pre-requisite here is that all the devices that you want to connect should be connected to the same network (Wi-fi router). And if you can manage to connect the devices over the same Wi-fi network then you have one more option in the form of Wi-fi Direct (also know as Wi-di). Here, you don’t need a Wi-fi network at all and you can just directly connect the phone to the TV. The HtiB is completely wireless and hassle free.


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