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Have you ever had a joyride on a carousel? If yes, then you would surely remember that as you would ride those plastic ponies or as you would be seated on the soft benches of the carousel, the circus music that played in the background would have the same volume level as you spun around making you feel that the music was riding along with you. Now wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a music system that could deliver the same sonical experience of a stereophonic balanced sound no matter which part of the room you are sitting? Well, you might just be a step away from having such an experience; the all new Onkyo is designed to do just that. So, let’s have a spin.





Very simple in design, the Onkyo iLunar RBX-500 is in shape of a tapering cylindrical body with the top part in a glossy black. The upper surface has a lid for protecting the iPod connector and in front of it are five function buttons. It’s quite surprising to see the way iLunar has six speakers concealed in the metal mesh. This would leave you pondering over the arrangement of the six speakers which claim to deliver the 3D sound. Beneath all this is a bass driver that sits silently waiting to unleash the music. Some might argue whether docking stations are meant to be portable or not. There are many factors that could help to decide a docking station’s portability. The RBX-500 weighs about 3.4kg and could be a little hassle to carry it around. But this surely won’t hold your decisions to own iLunar RBX-500 as with a little effort it can be packed and taken anywhere around offering many options to use it for.





Onkyo is well known for making really good amplifiers and this could be a strong point if you are considering the iLunar. The RBX-500 has a built-in powerful digital amplifier which drives six full range 5cm speakers each with a rating of 5 watts and below the unit is a powerful down firing 10 cm subwoofer which is rated at 10 watts. We always love it when the speakers are powered by an amplifier that is built into the system as we believe that the rendering of sound is far better this way. To give even better experience, Onkyo has tied up with the Swiss firm “Sonic Emotion” to use their Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D sound technology in their 6.1 array to offer the best surround sound. Users also have an option of selecting 3D modes from Normal, Enhanced and Vocal. Besides offering compatibility with a wide range of Apple products, the docking station also comes with a 3.5mm jack, USB, Wi-fi & Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR to stream your music directly to the docking station.

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