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In today’s times, there are places in our homes where even bookshelf speakers cannot find a place to fit in for a number of reasons. One is because of space, the second is because of its positioning, as unless a equilateral triangle is not achieved, listening to bookshelf speakers cannot become an immersive experience as the joy of stereo is lost; thirdly leave aside the space for bookshelf speakers one will also have the need to scramble for place for a CD player, an integrated stereo amplifier and all the speaker cables that come with the equipment. The best way to bypass the hassles of setting them up with the wiring is to go straight for a docking station.

The first thing that we noticed was that the Geneva Model L comes with a stand that may seem to take up a lot more space. However, the stand is optional and you can also use the docking station without the stand as it has four rubber feet of its own, which makes it a perfect table-top option. Alternatively, if you consider the docking station with the stand, the style and class that the aluminium stand exudes can compel you to place the docking station on this stand. After all, style comes from being simple and being stylish at the same time, and the Model L carries these qualities very well.


There is not a thing to complain about when it comes to the looks of the docking station—the all glossy white finish gives it an immaculate look; the protrusion on the metallic grill also lent unique aesthetics to the docking station. And if you run your hands around the back of the docking station you will notice that the power button, the power cable input, and the auxiliary input are located below the unit. And this gives the docking station a 360 degree good looking certificate as the rear also bears a plain white glossy finish.

The Geneva Model L packs in a good amount of technology to ensure that you have a wonderful time with the device no matter which way you choose to use it—be it as an external portable media player, or an iPod dock or even a CD slot, which is the biggest USP of this docking station, the technical prowess of the Model L far surpasses any other docking station that currently exists in the market. The Model L houses two 1” tweeters and two full-range 5 ¼’’ mid-bass drivers. The docking station has been designed with two bass ports also so that all the internal air-pressure that is built-up while the full range drivers are in action can be balanced out properly, and there is a smooth movement of air in and out of the docking station.

The docking station has a total of four power amplifiers, which means each amplifier handles only one channel rather than dedicating a two-channel amplifier for the low and the highs in a collective manner. The total power output of the Model L is rated at 100 watts; it has a frequency response of 40Hz to 20 kHz, which is on par with any respectable bookshelf speaker out there in the market. This way, you can be rest assured that the top end is not necessarily chopped off at 18kHz, your ears are given the joy to experience the upper harmonics of a 10kHz sound too, thus adding to the richness and intelligibility of the overall sound of the unit.


The Model L comes packed with a CD player that is built right into the main unit that supports CD-R and CD-RW discs too. This means you can throw endless number of discs at the Model L. Besides the world-famous docking station that solely revolves around the iPod, Model L also has AirPlay and FM radio capabilities and you can store up to 6 presets on the unit. You may wonder that such a multi-functional docking station may be a task to use as there is no display, but we were proved there wrong too. When we turned the unit on, we were greeted by an LED display at the top right-hand corner of the unit. And although the grille covers the display, it is easily visible and it lets you know at all times that the docking station is listening to your commands.

The remote control of the Model L is like the main unit, smartly designed with the right amount of buttons, easy to hold, light in weight and not at all cramped up or cluttered. The remote control has all the necessary buttons that you can ever think of while you are using the docking station. We did not find shuffle or repeat button on the controller, but as we played CDs on the Model L, we realised that the CD plays in an all track repeat mode. So at the end of the last track if you do not stop the CD, it will resume playback from the first track on the disc. All in all, the remote control was a big hit with us, I cannot think of using the Model L without this device but one last thing to add here is that manufacturers should increase the amount of authority that is given to remote controls. The remote control did not allow us to change albums or to navigate through the other menus of the iPod classic. One would love to navigate through these various menus even while it is placed on the docking station without having to personally touch the device. This remote control did not give us this choice and we hope to see some better changes in this area in the future. 


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