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Multimedia speakers are present almost everywhere, and wherever there is a desktop one feels the need to have a set of speakers that are perpetually connected to the pc. One thing however we all perceive is that 2.1 multimedia speakers that are best seen as partners of a desktop pc, are however not seen as part of al lifestyle product. There are number of 2.1 multimedia options in the budget range, but back at Focal-JM labs the designers have scratched their heads and have thought out of the box. With a motive to change this outlook they have given birth to the Focal Bird series of speakers, which are a series of multimedia speakers that come in different combinations. And what we have reviewed here is the bird pack 2.1 which is a combination of the Bird satellite speakers along with the power bird, which is an active subwoofer.

There are many reasons that make the Bird Pack 2.1 a truly lifestyle product. First of all, we have rarely seen a design like this, where the subwoofer doubles up and looks like an integrated amplifier as well as a high-end CD player. For people like us, who have gotten bored to death of ‘black boxes’ this was godsend. It speaks of class and style. There is also no forgetting the charming satellite speakers. The Bird satellites can be mounted on a ‘Cocotte’ which is a tripod or a ‘Tulip’ stand which is a round-bass that also supports the speaker. You can even mount them on floorstanding speaker stands, fix them on a wall or hang them upside down from a ceiling or just the way it is. The possibilities are numerous. There are protective grilles on the speakers, which is a relief, as they prevent accidental mishaps.


The birds are two-way speakers, which consist of an aluminium dome tweeter and a 5.5” polyflex mid-bass driver. The mid-bass driver handles the mid and upper portion of the audio spectrum; its frequency response is from 70Hz and goes right up to 25kHz. Extending the frequency response of the birds right down to 70Hz makes a lot of sense, as bass tends to get omni-directional precisely from 80Hz onwards, so with the birds going down to 70Hz there is no heavy bass content that they are managing but they partly enter the frequency range of the Power Bird, which goes up to 120Hz. This kind of smart engineering implies that; as the Power Bird begins to roll off around the 120Hz mark, the Bird satellites already have taken care of that part of the spectrum much before the cut-off point of the Power Bird. So, although, their frequency response tends to bleed into the other speakers frequency response, this evidently works best for the 2.1 setup as its sounds more fulsome and complete without any lines of separation in between.


This seamless sound is the main criteria when it comes to multimedia speakers and we were hoping here that the Bird Pack 2.1 performs flawlessly when it comes to delivering a wholesome and collective sound and also maintaining timing integrity in between both the speakers and the active subwoofer. The Power Bird has a frequency response of 42Hz and, as we said earlier, it extends up to 120Hz. This main unit houses a 6.5” paper cone down-firing driver that shoots out bass energy into the room with the help of the built-in power amplifiers. The built-in amplifier supplies 35W of power to each bird speaker and for the bass driver it delivers 80W of power. One of the highlights of the Bird Pack 2.1 is that the main unit houses a number of inputs for connectivity; it has three analogue ins, two digital inputs and it also supports wireless playback of music. But to make use of this wireless feature, one needs to purchase a small piece of device which is called the itransmitter. This itransmitter is sold separately, what this device does is that it latches onto your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Once it is connected, you need to press a button and simultaneously press the wireless connect button behind the power bird unit. Voila! Within a few seconds the connection is done and you can play music directly from your apple product.


The Bird Pack 2.1 remote control was sleek, smart and will be an instant hit with you. It has just the right amount of buttons in it and the rest of the space on the remote control simply adds to its charm and overall appearance. All the buttons that you will need while using the Bird Pack 2.1 are present on the remote control, full marks to the design and ergonomics of the remote control.


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